The Oriental Carpet Gallery offers non-slip and non-creep underpads and underlays for use with all types and sizes of carpets and area rugs.

Non-slip – 100% natural, pure rubber underpads and underlays specifically designed for use on wood, tile, marble, slate, limestone, teak, bamboo and all other hard floor surfaces.

Provides a superior grip, which eliminates movement, thereby keeping your carpets and area rugs in place.

Non-creep – Designed in Europe, these underpads and underlays are specifically made for use on carpeted floor surfaces.

Eliminates bubbles, waves and ripples that may occur between your carpet or area rug and the carpeted floor.

How to Order – Visit us at our Stratford location or simply call us at 519 273 3207.

Each order is custom cut to your specifications and is calculated by the square foot.

Shipping is available at cost throughout North America.